Assignment 11: Barriers to nurses’ participation

Assignment 11: Barriers to Nurses’ Participation

Assignment 11: Barriers to Nurses’ Participation

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  • What are the barriers to nurses’ participation in developing health care policy at the state or national level or in an organization in the United States? Why do you think these are barriers? Support your opinion with a rationale or example.

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  • Discuss your position regarding access to and coverage for health care. Are we obligated to provide access to and coverage for all Americans as an entitlement (a right), or should health care be considered a commodity subject to economic, social, and market demand (supply and demand)?

Be sure to include the rationale for your position in your discussion.


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Due Sunday

  • 2 replies to students for each discussion above
  • Linked item Week 1 Public Policy Meeting Approval

Click here to submit your public policy meeting approval.

Create a thread seeking approval for your public policy meeting. Choose a meeting to view or attend. It must be a public policy body at work and related to health care. If it is a recorded meeting, please ensure it has been posted within the last year.

Click on this forum, then click ‘Create New Thread.’ Title the thread with your name and the name of the policy meeting. For example, Janice Smith: Affordable Health Care Policy Meeting

In the body of the thread, include:

  • The title or topic focus of the policy meeting
  • The date and time of the meeting
  • The location of the meeting (if online, include the website). Some websites are: (search the video library or the live sessions) (perform a search for your topic)

Your local government or healthcare organization websites

  • Post your policy meeting by the end of Week 1.

If another student has already posted your policy meeting or subject, please choose another meeting.

You do not have to respond to peers in this prompt, but you may do so.

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Due WednesdayAssignment 11: Barriers to nurses’ participation

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  • Identify examples of active and latent errors. Provide examples from your clinical experience, if possible. How can such errors be avoided to support better patient care?

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Reflect upon the survey you took. In your initial response, address some of the following questions. Explain your answers.

  • Did you find it easy to make confident and decisive decisions with several strongly agree or strongly disagree answers, or did you select mostly moderate responses?
  • Did any subject areas trigger personal emotions or issues? If so, do you feel you were able to remain objective?
  • Were any of the decisions especially difficult to make?
  • Did you employ any critical thinking or resolution strategies to determine a response?
  • Did you rely on policy or legal parameters to make your decisions?
  • Would you be comfortable making your answers to the survey public, or do you prefer anonymity?
  • Have you dealt with similar situations, and could you perceive similar situations in your clinical practice?
  • How might a moral inventory such as this survey impact your clinical practice?

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Due Sunday

  • Reply to 2 students to the above discussions
  • Week 1 Virtue Ethics Essay

You need to log in and watch the video

  • Respond to one of the following three “news clippings” related to virtue ethics from your Pozgar text. Write a 1- 2 page essay addressing the discussion questions posed for the one you selected. Be sure to identify the news clipping you selected clearly.

Adhere to APA formatting and cite all sources. Review the rubric for further information on how your assignment will be graded.

Due: Sunday, 11:59 p.m. (Pacific time)

Points: 40

Watch the following three videos and choose one to address for your assignment.