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Virtual Patient Encounter

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Student achieves a score of 0-29% on the assigned iHuman activity.
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Manual Deduction
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NR 602 Week 1 Case Study Discussion Initial Visit Meet the Family Recent

Case Study Discussion – Part 1

Please prepare yourself to complete the well-woman exam and one of the well-child exams of your choosing.

Per patient- give additional HPI information and questions you would like as well as PMH, Family History, and ROS. Begin to lay out the objective portion of your note for each patient.

What is your differential diagnosis list for this visits thus far with rational for each of your two patients?

For the child you choose, please list all of the appropriate anticipatory guidance that should be done at a well visit for that age. Expand on one of the topics from your list and provide the education you would offer with citations.

Case Study Discussion – Part 2

For the patients you have chosen what are your primary and secondary diagnoses now with ICD-10 codes with rationale?

What other diagnostics, preventive screenings, or preventive health actions are you considering for your patients at this time and why?

Case Study Discussion – Part 3

Written summation of case in SOAP format.

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